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Meet Jeanna, Sheli and Randi, the founders of Mantra Laces! 


Originally from Irwin, Pennsylvania, we are three sisters with different personalities, interests and hobbies, but with one incredibly strong bond.

one afternoon, while we were sharing a few laughs and discussing our new roles as mothers and aunts, an idea was born. we were all going through some pretty big life changes at the time and realized that each day is a new adventure. The one thing that always seemed to keep us going through the challenging times was hearing each other's encouraging words and knowing that we always had one another's support. This got us thinking. what if we could help inspire and encourage more than just each other?  Sometimes all it takes to change your mood, give you the motivation you may need, or turn your whole day around are some simple words of affirmation. It is our hope that Mantra Laces will serve as a reminder throughout your day that you have the power to create the kind of life you want to live.   

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